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Can Bitcoin become “Digital Gold”?

Bitcoin’s use as a store of value is what will determine whether businesses plan to offer it for an extended period of time, potentially plateauing with the industry at large. And then the competition will dictate how many businesses use it as a means of retail carrying transactions.

Early adopters generally enjoy a more gradual integration into the cryptocurrency’s foundation than are technical competitors. Blockchain technology is designed to currently play a huge role in a lot of the emerging issues related to money and governance. Of course, Bitcoin is still a budding proponent of the use of hard assets like gold as sovereign wealth. The cryptocurrency turns out to be more valuable than that. This is only the tip of the iceberg. An analysis of the Bitcoin blockchain network reveals that most people today do not know when or where their transactions are coming from. However, there’s another reason to accept the Bitcoin transaction. Bitcoin has utility as a means to create value beyond the capital gains to which it’s derived. Although the blockchain shows little information about what’s happening in real-time, the chain commenting that almost all transactions posted to the blockchain are written in the blockchain asset as opposed to cash-like.

Although gold is a more precious metal than many cryptocurrencies — it has remain the favorite of criminals and purveyors of dark money.

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