Bitcoin Bullish Market Prediction

Bitcoin Bullish Market PredictionFollow Trend may indicate when bitcoin market is about to grow. As you can see on the screenshot, the forecasted bitcoin price was above the real bitcoin price for some time. Having constantly forecast above the current price can signal about the potential bullish market. You can check out whether bullish market is for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Bullish MarketThis screenshot is similar to the previous one and showing the prediction of bitcoin bullish market. You can watch bitcoin forecast in the real time.

Bitcoin Bearish Market Prediction

Bitcoin Bearish MarketWhen the forecast is bellow the current price, and it is in a form of waves, we should be ready for the bearish market. Is current bitcoin market bearish?

Bitcoin Bearish MarketWhen bitcoin price is growing, but the forecast is mostly below the price that can be a signal of trend change. What is bitcoin forecast for today?